What’s In My Hospital Bag The Third Time Around

With each child, I have come to learn again and again that less is more in pretty much all areas. With the first, you think you need EVERY single thing available for a newborn, but then quickly realize that the type of child you have determines the things you truly need. For example, some babies like to be swaddled, while others do not. Some love to constantly be in motion, while others are perfectly content to lie cozy and still. So, I have found it’s best to wait and see how things go before buying a bunch of stuff you might not end up using in the end.

Less than two weeks away from my third c-section, I believe the same rule applies to your hospital bag. Keep it simple with things that will make you a little more comfortable but don’t bring your entire house to the hospital. They have so much of what you will need at the hospital, and you are usually only there for a couple of days, especially during Covid times.

BATHROOM ESSENTIALS: Especially after a C-Section, I found it very painful to get up and down out of bed those first few days and certainly wasn’t doing an entire beauty routine in my hospital bathroom. It was helpful to have a few simple products to help me feel fresh and clean without doing much work.

Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes
Sonoma Bee Company Lavender Hydrosol Spray
Botnia Daily Face Cream
Goldfaden Lip Therapy Restoring Lip Treatment
Grown Alchemist Intensive Hand Cream
Travel Toothbrush
Travel Sized Toothpaste
Glide Dental Floss
Goody Ouchless Elastic Hair Ties
Headband or Soft Headwrap
Cooling + Cleansing Active Body Wipes

CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES: Having a soft short bathrobe and nightgown was ideal for the hospital stay. It was easier to deal with my incision and the tubes sticking out of my body with a shorter nightgown and robe.

Soft Bathrobe
Soft Nightgown
Nursing Bra
Cozy Socks
Eye Mask

RECOVERY: While the hospital usually supplies you with these things, this bodily kit can be helpful to have just in case and for those first few days when you are back at home.

Bodily Kit – Maternity Pads, Mesh Undies, Breast Pads, Stool Softener

NOURISHMENT: With Paolo, I brought some tea and snacks from home that made a massive difference in those first few days. The warming tea and a slice of homemade banana bread was much better for my body and the healing process than filling up on hospital juice and jello.

Favorite Tea
Reusable Tumbler for Beverages
Restore Milk Latte
Favorite Snacks like banana bread, lactation cookies, and boobie bark

HEADING HOME: Bring something comfortable that is not precious to wear home. Remember, you will probably still be bleeding, wearing mesh underwear, etc., so you don’t want to worry about ruining or staining a favorite dress. As for the baby, bring an outfit that is soft, easy to put on, and will work for the baby in the car seat.

Something loose and comfortable for you to leave the hospital in
Sweater in case you get cold
Baby Onesie
Baby Hat
Baby Blanket
Baby Socks