Tie-Dye Clothing Is A Mom’s Best Friend

Every day, without fail, a stain will appear on my clothing. It might be sticky syrup droplets from Costa, an oily pesto smear from Paolo, or a tomato sauce splatter from trying to make dinner too fast. Andre is the stain master in our house and is continually trying to keep our clothes presentable and in decent shape, which has become his other full-time job. So, you can imagine my delight when tie-dye came roaring back, especially in sweatsuit form. A little stain here or there, no problem, kiddos. Tie-dye hides all the imperfections keeping me feeling comfy and looking cute all day long! Here is a round up of some of my favorite tie-dye out there right now. From super-soft loungewear to silky robes, we’ve got it all!

The WeHo 2.0
Oversized Tie-Dyed Organic Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt
Sayde Sweatpant
Short-sleeved Sweatshirt
Oversized Tye Dye Sweatshirt (Sold out)
Multicolor Tie-Dye Jogger
Raw Silk Robe in Splash
Printed T-Shirt
Cosmos Tie Dye Pullover

Tie-Dye Crew Neck Sweatshirt
The 90s Sweatpant
Crewneck in Lilac
Sweatpants in Lilac
Linda Tie-Dyed Organic Cotton-Jersey Hoodie
Tie-Dye Hoodie Sweatshirt
Tie Dye Jogger Pants (Sold out)
Cropped Tie Dye Sweatshirt (Sold out)

The Legging
Long Sleeve Boxy T-Shirt
Mid-Rise Jogger Pants
Crinkled Tie-Dyed Cotton-Gauze Midi Dress
Tie-Dye Swing Sweatshirt
Multicolor Tie-Dye Tee
Cropped Tie-Dyed Stretch-Modal Track Pants