A Much Needed Reset With Kroma

The months and weeks leading up to the holidays are filled with mixed emotions. Work at Valleybrink Road is more intense than ever as holiday gifting ramps up, and everything has to be packed and shipped at record speed. Between work and juggling three kids, there is little time for self-care or paying attention to what is going on with my body and how I feel. I often get extremely depleted during the day and overindulge at night, as it is the only time I stop and sit down. I forget to eat with intention, and instead, I grab at whatever is around and the easiest to consume, which ends up being lots of kid leftovers and late-night sweets.

Over the past six months, I have been committed to creating new, healthier habits in my daily life. From working out with a trainer to reading more, I am integrating positive practices into my weekly routine. I can feel the difference in a big way and don’t want a significant setback. So this year, I decided to do Kroma’s 5-Day Reset to help carry me into the holiday season with the right foot forward. A way to feel good despite the chaos swirling around me.

Kroma by Allison Zaucha

The first thing that struck me about the Reset, an excellent feature for anyone busy and constantly on the go, is that the products are non-perishable and need water or non-dairy milk to be ready to enjoy. This is a game-changer and makes sticking to the Reset so much easier during the busy week. My favorite way to start the day was with a warm Beauty Matcha Latte, which I would mix with some homemade almond milk and get all frothy and delicious, and a bowl of the Super Porridge, which I would make my own by topping it with lots of fresh fruit and more almond milk. This combo filled me up for hours, giving me the energy to tackle the morning. I also loved the Snooze drink at the end of the day! Rich in magnesium, it offers the perfect amount of relaxation the body needs to unwind and rest. Having this while taking a hot bath before bed was a great combination.

Often, any kind of Reset can be difficult for me because I am such a foodie, and so much of my happiness is wrapped up in what the next meal will be. I am happy to report that the Kroma products helped me feel nourished and reinvigorated, all while being delicious and full of flavor. And, because they are packed with nutrient-rich superfoods, I felt satisfied and ready to tackle each day during the entire five-day program. There is something very freeing about having a routine of how you will eat for several days, all set out and taken care of. Not worrying about what I needed to cook next or prepare helped me focus my energy in other places and gave me a sense of calm and clarity. It felt like an entire body and mind recharge.

Kroma by Allison Zaucha

My favorite product, which I will continue to incorporate into my everyday life, is the Beauty Matcha Latte. It pairs so well with my homemade almond milk, making a creamy and delicious beverage packed with collagen, turmeric, and ginger, improving energy, balance, and mood—the perfect warm matcha for the cool months ahead.

At the end of the five days, I felt energized and rejuvenated, with clarity and calm. As a busy mom of three little, energetic boys, this Reset definitely helped give me an energy boost that will carry me into the busy months. I feel really good!

For all interested in checking out Kroma’s 5-Day Reset, feel free to use code BARRETT for 15% off.

Get a head start on feeling great all holiday!