The Only Bread Knife You Will Ever Need

I can’t even begin to tell you how many bread knives Andre and I have tried out over the years. We’ve been seduced by the super sleek ones made by artisans, and we’ve tried the cheaper ceramic knives on amazon. We received different bread knives for our wedding and over the years for our birthdays and holidays, as our friends and family know how much we love to cook. In my experience, the bread knife leaves much to be desired when it comes to getting that perfect slice. Many have a serrated edge that is just not sharp enough and forces you to cut some wonky slice of bread thin on one side and thick on the other. It’s maddening! Well, no need to go crazy any longer, my friends. Bless Andre and his obsessive desire to find the best gear for all things in life, whether cooking in the kitchen or snowboarding on the mountain. After seeing someone rave about the Opinel Curved Bread Knife on Instagram, he was intrigued. It’s not very often people are going on and on about their bread knife, but it was for good reason as we have come to learn. And now, look at us, going on and on about this knife. One of my favorite things about it is the shape of the handle and how lightweight it is. The knife was consciously designed to give you that even slice, time and time again. And the curved, serrated blade is made of anti-corrosive stainless steel and will continue looking shiny and new. I could continue, but you have to get slicing yourself to see how satisfying getting that perfect cut is! It’s incredible and a must-have addition to any cooks kitchen.