Pregnancy and Postpartum Books That Helped Me Along The Way

Becoming a mother is so many things. It’s exciting, magical, mindblowing, exhausting, painful, and completely transforms life as you know it. It can bring all sorts of insecurities and fears we didn’t even know we had to the surface and is something no one can prepare you for, no matter what kind of advice they give you beforehand. After Costa arrived via C-Section, I remember being so overwhelmed, all while trying to convince myself (and everyone around me) that everything was fine. Recovery was much more physically painful than I thought it would be, and I was not mentally prepared for how long it took to truly heal. So much anxiety and pressure weighed down on me….the desire to get back to “normal” life, to my work and running Valleybrink Road, and to my go, go, go way of always doing things. But it was different now, and coming to terms with that reality took work. The first time around, I didn’t permit myself to slow down. And, certainly wasn’t focused on nourishing my body as part of my recovery. I just kept telling myself, “I’m fine. I’m good.” but in reality, I wasn’t.

With Paolo, knowing a bit more as he was the second, I chose to do things differently. While it was more challenging in some ways because I was also trying to help Costa transition to being a big brother, I was able to physically heal and emotionally recharge in a much healthier and more complete way with Pao. I took the time; I rested, welcomed support from those around me, and, most importantly, nourished my body with healing foods.

Here is a list of books that helped me through my pregnancy and postpartum journey with my boys and a few newer ones I’ve enjoyed reading as a mother and nurturer. Great comfort can be found in reading others’ stories of what was helpful for them. And, while it all might not work for you, it’s important to keep trying until you find the things that do because you will eventually. After all, it’s all about the journey and not the destination. x

Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding
The Essential C-Section Guide
The First Forty Days
The Fourth Trimester
The Postnatal Depletion Cure
The Wonder Weeks
Eat To Feed