All The World…An App You Can Feel Good About

We all have opinions about technology and kids, but one thing that we do know is that it inevitably will be a part of their future in some way, shape, or form. Andre and I often talk about the implications of screentime on our young boys and how to create a healthy balance with it all.

Especially now, in the new normal, where so many parents are home all day with their kids, it can feel overwhelming to figure out what they should be allowed to watch. We actively look for programming and apps that will positively impact development and offer something educational so that, when the boys are watching something, there is hopefully a benefit.

And then comes All the World. When they reached out to partner, I had never heard of the app but was intrigued. Our family had just moved from Colorado back to Los Angeles, and the city was still in quarantine. After months of being inside, we were always looking for new ways to occupy the boys. Letting them have some screentime each day was the only way we could get any work done. So, Andre and I got excited when we started watching the inspiring and educational content that All the World is putting out. With themes like rainbows, pollination, and honey harvesting, I knew the creative videos would spark all kinds of questions in Costa, and they did. After watching one, Costa, Paolo, and I would often head outside to explore an idea in the real world, like searching for butterflies or trying a science experiment. So, from one parent to another, All the World truly is a fantastic resource and can lead to some excellent snuggle time and activities for the entire family. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do.