The Stress of Buying A Home And How Flyhomes is Making It A Whole Lot Easier

Almost 12 years ago, Andre and I set out to buy our first home. Little did we know it would be a very long and grueling process. We were outbid on eight homes we made offers on, and it seemed like every house in our budget actually wasn’t because all the homes were going for hundreds of thousands of dollars over the asking price. I went from daydreaming about our future home and the life we were going to build to not wanting to step into another open house. It felt like there was no point. Were we ever going to be able to get a house? And then, after a year and a half of looking, we traveled further east than we ever thought we would live to a little neighborhood called Atwater Village. At the time, not much was there besides a restaurant or two, but the streets were quiet and flat, a great walking neighborhood that would be perfect for a family. I had been watching a house that was far outside our budget for months, and suddenly, the price dropped drastically. Andre and I immediately went to see it and made an offer. Only up against two others, we finally got ours accepted. And then, the stress set in. There was a long list of shady things the sellers did and lied about, everything from the house having Central Air to the wood beams that ended up being made of foam and not real wood. Then, the stress of the escrow, the mortgage, closing, moving, and all the other things that came up during the longest thirty days of my life.

When Flyhomes reached out to partner, a flood of old house-buying anxieties came rushing back in. Andre and I have talked for years about what the next phase will be, and we eventually want to move further outside of Los Angeles, hopefully, closer to the mountains and nature, where we can get more space and a little more quiet. We’ve learned from our move to Colorado that we still want to be close to LA but would love to have more outdoor space for the boys to run around and play in. After learning more about Flyhomes, a feeling of relief came over me. Finally, a company that is passionate about making the home buying experience less stressful rather than more! With innovative financial services and all steps of the process under one roof, they offer endless support and easy guidance throughout the entire experience. One of the coolest things I discovered about their company is their Guaranteed Offer, where they promise you that the deal will close, and if something happens and their client can’t buy the home, they will buy it instead. Currently operating in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, Boston, Portland, and San Diego, they are worth checking out when you get to a place where you want to explore buying and selling a home. Nothing sounds better to me than less stress and an easy homebuying experience.

Photos from Lulu & Georgia